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Attn: Stream Diagnostics Management Team

To whom it may concern,

I was recently diagnosed with severe Methane based SIBO whilst home in Australia in May. My doctor mentioned that after two courses of antibiotics that she would like me to retest and unfortunately I would need to do this from home in Abu Dhabi. She recommended Stream Diagnostics who ship worldwide. I was daunted by the expense of this and whether local customs would clear everything to come through.

I started making enquiries with the team end of May and Erin (as well as Clementine and Sarah) responded promptly and with sincerity. When it was time to start ordering the test kit, all my questions were answered quickly and many emails were exchanged. Everything was explained in great detail and with ease. Once I ordered the test it arrived within 5 days and no hassles with customs. I was really pleased. The kit was very well labelled and the instructions were very clear. Testing at home was so much easier and more relaxing. The pre made customs letter and instructions made life so much easier. I mailed the package back and to my surprise the team confirmed my "bags of gas" had arrived and that results would be sent back within 5 days. Well they came back within 2 days. I was blown away, no pun intended. The results were pleasing and thanks to strict diet and two hefty courses of antibiotic treatment, there was no evidence of overgrowth anymore. And now to ensure the "critters" don't come back, the restricted diet continues.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the team at Stream Diagnostics. Treating SIBO in a foreign country that doesn't recognise the condition has been hard enough. But then having to retest at a distance was also a cause for concern. But this team made my life so much easier. I was even able to reschedule my Skype appointment with my doctor two weeks early; we can now make a next plan of attack for my treatment much earlier than i thought.

I have recommended the company to many of my friends and fellow SIBO sufferers around the world. Such an efficient team and company – and Melbournians as well which is even better.
When I potentially retest again later in the year or next year, I’ll be sure to rebook with Stream Diagnostics.

With kind regards,
Joanne (Abu Dhabi)